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  • Xin-Hua Feng, Ph.D. Lab

    Xin-Hua Feng, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Distinguished Investigator, Director
    Tel: 0571-88206016   Fax: 0571-88981336
    Research Interests: Proteins modifications and signaling networks in cell growth control, tumorigenesis and development.
  • Kun-Liang Guan, Ph.D.

    Kun-Liang Guan, Ph.D.

    Tel: 0571-88206016    Fax: 0571-88981336
    Research Interests: The molecular mechanisms of cell growth, cell metabolism, and cancer.
  • Haiwei Song, Ph.D. Lab

    Haiwei Song, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Distinguished Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88981926    Fax: 0571-88981926
    Research Interests: Studying structure and function of proteins and complexes implicated in human diseases.
  • Heng-Yu Fan, Ph.D. Lab

    Heng-Yu Fan, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Senior Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88981370
    Research Interests:The mechanisms of mammalian germ cell development and the desease model related to female reproductive system.
  • Xiangwei He, Ph.D. Lab

    Xiangwei He, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Senior Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88206639  
    Research Interests: Mechanisms of chromatin-mediated epigenetic stability in the fission yeast S.pombe.
  • Jun Huang, Ph.D. Lab

    Jun Huang, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Senior Investigator, Assistant Director
    Tel: 0571-88981391    Fax: 0571-88981391
    Research Interests: To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying genome instability and tumorigenesis.
  • Chao Tong, Ph.D. Lab

    Chao Tong, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Senior Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88981582   Fax: 0571-88981582
    Research Interests: Autophagy and neurodegeneration.
  • Pinglong Xu, Ph.D. Lab

    Pinglong Xu, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor,Senior Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88206078  
    Research Interests: Elucidate the physiological role and underlying mechanisms of innate host defense and cytokine signaling in modulation of tumorigenesis and tumor progression.
  • Sheng Ye, Ph.D. Lab

    Sheng Ye, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Senior Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88981521   Fax: 0571-88981521
    Research Interests: Structural biology.
  • Bin Zhao, Ph.D. Lab

    Bin Zhao, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Senior Investigator, Assistant Director
    Research Interests: Molecular mechanism of organ size control and cancer; functional annotation of the kinome.
  • Yongqun Zhu, Ph.D. Lab

    Yongqun Zhu, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Senior Investigator

    Tel: 0571-88206122  Fax: 0571-88206122
    Research Interests: Molecular mechanism of bacterial-host interactions in the intestine.
  • Dong Fang, Ph.D. Lab

    Dong Fang, Ph.D.       Lab

    Tel: 0571-88981373

    Research Interests: Elucidate the function of oncohistones in tumorigenesis and how the histone modificationsare maintained.

  • Xing Guo, Ph.D. Lab

    Xing Guo, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88981783
    Research Interests: Proteasome regulation in health and disease.


  • Junfang Ji,Ph.D. Lab

    Junfang Ji,Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88208956   
    Research InterestsmicroRNA.


  • Junling Jia, Ph.D. Lab

    Junling Jia, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88208572
    Research Interests: Utilizing model organisms and genomic/epigenomic approaches to investigate fundamental questions related to chromatin structure during stem/progenitor cells proliferation and differentiation.
  • Jin Jin, Ph.D. Lab

    Jin Jin, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator

    Tel: 0571-88208536
    Research Interestsmolecular immunology.


  • Shixian Lin, Ph.D. Lab

    Shixian Lin, Ph.D.       Lab

    Tel: 0571-88981543
    Research Interests:Probing proteins modifications and life cycle with chemistry and biology.

  • Aiming Ren, Ph.D. Lab

    Aiming Ren, Ph.D.       Lab

    Tel: 0571-88981227 
    Research Interests: Structural and functional study of important RNA molecule.
  • Hai Song, Ph.D. Lab

    Hai Song, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88206850   
    Research Interests: Mammalian embryonic development, stem cells, tissue injury and repair, tumorigenesis.
  • Li Shen, Ph.D. Lab

    Li Shen, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator

    Tel: 0571-88981751
    Research Interests: Epigenomic regulation in pluripotency,differentiation,and human disease.
  • Fangwei Wang, Ph.D. Lab

    Fangwei Wang, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator

    Tel: 0571-88206127  
    Research Interests:The regulation of mitotic cell division, focusing on protein kinases and histone modifications.
  • Li-Ming Wang, Ph.D. Lab

    Li-Ming Wang, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88981815
    Research InterestsNeural regulation of energy homeostasis;Disease models for lipid metabolism and dysfunction;Biophotonics
  • Long Zhang, Ph.D. Lab

    Long Zhang, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator
    Tel: 0571-88208375  
    Research Interests: The cellular signaling in tumorigenesis and cancer metastasis.
  • Jie Zhou, Ph.D. Lab

    Jie Zhou, Ph.D.       Lab


    Tel: 0571-88981373
    Research Interests:  Structural, mechanistic and functional aspects of protein translation in  bacteria and eukarya by using biochemistry, X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy.
  • Qi Zhou, Ph.D. Lab

    Qi Zhou, Ph.D.       Lab

    Professor, Investigator

    Tel: 0571-88981752  
    Research Interests:Genome Evolution; Evolution of Sex Determination Mechanisms and Sex Chromosomes of Birds and Insects
  • Qing Zhou,Ph.D. Lab

    Qing Zhou,Ph.D.       Lab


    Tel: 0571-88981042 
    Research Interests:Studying the genetics, genomics and pathophysiology of inherited disorders.
  • Saiyong Zhu, Ph.D. Lab

    Saiyong Zhu, Ph.D.       Lab

    Tel: 0571-88981797 
    Research Interests:  Studying the molecular mechanisms controlling endoderm cell fate and developing effective cell-based and/or pharmaceutical therapeutics for metabolic disorders.