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Selected publications:
  • Fang D*, Gan H*, Cheng L, Lee J, Zhou H, Sarkaria J, Daniels D, Zhang Z#. H3.3K27M mutant proteins reprogram epigenome by sequestering the PRC2 complex to poised enhancers. eLife, 2018, 7:e36696.
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  • Hashizume R#, Andor N, Ihara Y, Lerner R, Gan H, Chen X, Fang D, Huang X, Tom MW, Ngo V, Solomon D, Mueller S, Paris PL, Zhang Z, Petritsch C, Gupta N, Waldman TA, James CD. Pharmacologic inhibition of histone demethylation as a therapy for pediatric brainstem glioma. Nature Medicine, 2014, doi:10.1038/nm.3716
  • Pan C, Fang D, Xu G, Liang J, Zhang G, Wang H, Xie L#, Zhang R#. A novel acidic matrix protein, PfN44, stabilizes magnesium calcite to inhibit the crystallization of aragonite. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2014: 289(5), 2776-87.
  • Chan KM*, Han J*, Fang D*, Gan H, Zhang Z#. A lesson learned from the H3.3K27M mutation found in pediatric glioma: A new approach to the study of the function of histone modifications in vivo. Cell Cycle, 2013:12:2546 – 2552.
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  • Fang D, Wang H, Zhang Z. (2018) Probing the Function of Oncohistones Using Mutant Transgenes and Knock-In Mutations. In: Orsi G, Almouzni G. (eds) Histone Variants. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1832. Humana Press, New York, NY
  • *co-first author, #correspondence author