Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin, Chair of the Board of the Nobel Foundation visited LSI

编辑: Date:2014/03/17

Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin, Uppsala University, Branch Director of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Uppsala and Chair of the Board of the Nobel Foundation visited our institute on March 13th, 2014 upon the invitation of Director Xin-Hua Feng.
Prof. Heldin is an elected member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (1989), Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (1991), Royal Scientific Society (Uppsala; 1995), Academia Europea (1999), Japanese Association for Cancer Research (2002), Finnish Scientific Society (2006), ScanBalt Academy (2006), Hellenic Biochemical Society (2007), Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters (2009) and European Academy of Cancer Sciences (2009). The research interest of Prof. Heldin is related to the mechanisms whereby growth factors, in particular PDGF and TGF-β, activate their receptors and control cell growth, migration, apoptosis and differentiation, and how perturbations of the signaling pathways promote tumor progression. Prof. Heldin is one of the founders of the TGF-β field, and has contributed prominently to the elucidation of the molecular mechanism of TGF-β signal transduction. Prof. Heldin has published 396 research articles and 201 review articles, and has 26 approved patents. His work has been cited >56,000 times and his H index is 128.
During his visit, Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin met with our PIs individually, having in-depth discussions on their respective areas of research.
The title of Prof. Heldin’s seminar was TGF-β Signaling via Smad and non-Smad Pathways”. After the seminar, Professor Carl-Henrik Heldin was awarded the "LSI Distinguished Lecture Series” Crystal Plaque.