Prostate Cancer Foundation Delegates Visited LSI

编辑: Date:2014/09/26

Ten delegates of the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) from major universities and institutes from the US and Canada visited Life Sciences Institute (LSI), Zhejiang University, on September 25, 2014.
A joint workshop was held to improve mutual understanding and foster potential collaboration. Dr. Bin Zhao first introduced the brief history, research interests, and achievements of LSI. On behalf of PCF, Dr. Howard Soule introduced their history, mission, achievements, and especially the recent extension to China. Then, scientists from PCF, Drs. Yuzhuo Wang, Colin Collins, and Felix Feng introduced their recent findings on genomic alterations and the importance of lncRNA in prostate cancer and modeling of prostate cancer. Drs. Jun Huang, Fangwei Wang, Ping-long Xu and Long Zhang also presented their researches on DNA damage response, cell cycle regulation, anti-cancer immunity, and cancer metastasis. PCF delegates spoke highly of the active research going on at LSI. The two sides also discussed academic collaboration and exchanges in the future.