Five-year Assessment of Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University, Successfully Held

编辑: Date:2015/01/16

On December 12, a five-year assessment of Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University, hosted by Sci-Tech Academy of Zhejiang University, was held successfully in Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University.

An international expert panel was commissioned for the assessment, which consisted of the team leader Dr. Xiaofan Wang, chair Professor of pharmacology and cancer biology of Medical Center, Duke University, Dr. Cunyun Wang, Professor and Chair of Division of Oral Biology and Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles, Member of the Institute of Medicine, Dr. Xi He, tenured Professor of Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, Prof. Jiahuai Han, Vice President of Xiamen University and Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Lin Li, President of the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences and Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Yigong Shi, Dean of School of Life Sciences and School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, and Professor Jinrong Peng, Dean of College of Life Sciences and College of Animal Sciences, Zhejiang University.

The assessment started at 8:30 am. Vice President of Sci-Tech Academy of Zhejiang University Ms. Wenli Xia first took the podium, presenting the attending experts and introducing the assessment requirements, followed by the Executive Vice President of Zhejiang University, Zhaohui Wu, who addressed the audience. Prof. Xin-Hua Feng, Director of Life Sciences Institute (LSI for short) gave a status report on LSI’s five-year performance in the aspects of organization management, faculty recruitment and cultivation, scientific research, education, and academic exchanges, illustrating LSI’s development since its establishment five years ago, as well as highlighting LSI’s second five-year phase of development. After the status report, Prof. Feng and Co-Director Prof. Kun-Liang Guan jointly took the questions from the assessment team. Subsequently, LSI faculty representatives, Professors Jun Huang, Sheng Ye and Yongqun Zhu reported their respective fields of research and answered the questions of experts. After the meeting, the assessment panel visited several laboratories and interviewed five LSI faculty members individually. In the afternoon, after a thorough discussion, the assessment team formed the assessment report and provided feedback to President Jianhua Lin, Executive Vice President Zhaohui Wu, and other leaders from the related administrative branches in Zhejiang University. This concluded the five-year assessment of Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University.

The assessment team affirmed the hard work and effective management of LSI’s director and co-director, praised the outstanding achievements of the five-year development, and gave valuable comments and suggestions for LSI’s further development.