The symposium on TGF-β Biology - Signaling, Development and Diseases was successfully held

编辑: Date:2023/12/25

From December 19 to 21, the symposium on "TGF-β Biology-Signaling, Development and Diseases" was successfully held in Qiandao Lake. The symposium was co-sponsored by the Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University, Shaoxing Institute, Zhejiang University, and the Cell Signaling Branch of the Chinese Society of Cell Biology.

The symposium invited numbers of international well-known scholars in the field. Distinguished guests included Prof. Rik Derynck from the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of California, San Francisco (USA); Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin from Uppsala University (Sweden); Prof. Ye-Guang Chen, president of Nanchang University and professor of Tsinghua University; Prof. ChenDong , dean of the School of Medicine of Westlake University; Prof. Wanjun Chenfrom National Institutes of Health (USA); Prof. BingSu of Shanghai Jiaotong University; Prof. Seong-jin Kim from GILO Research Institute (South Korea); Prof. YingZhangand Prof. Li Yang from National Institutes of Health (USA);Prof. DuanqingPei of Westlake University; Prof. Li Yuof Tsinghua University; Prof. Kunxin Luo from the University of California (USA);Prof. Qiaoran Xi of Tsinghua University; Prof. Xiaohua Yan; Prof. Jing Li from the University of Pittsburgh (USA);  and several professors from Zhejiang. Nearly a hundred attendees joined in, making the symposium a robust platform for academic exchange.

Prof. Xin-Hua Feng, Director of Life Sciences Institute (LSI) of Zhejiang University and Chairman of the Symposium, presided over the opening ceremony. He extended a warm welcome to the domestic and international scholars, emphasizing the significance of strengthening communication and cooperation to advance the field of TGF-β signaling for the betterment of human health.

Throughout the symposium, participants delved into the latest advancements in TGF-β signaling and disease research. A diverse array of academic reports covered topics such as the TGF-β pathway mechanism, cancer, immune regulation, tissue and organ development, and the development of new drugs.  

Prof. Rik Derynck                          Prof. Carl-Henrik Heldin  

Prof. Ye-Guang Chen                                Prof.  Chen Dong

Prof. Xin-Hua Feng                                    Prof. Wanjun Chen

Prof. Bing Su                              Prof. Seong-Jin Kim

Prof.Li Yang                                Prof.Ying Zhang  

Prof. Duanqing Pei                              Prof. LI Yu 

Prof. Kunxin Luo                                    Prof. Qiaoran Xi

  Prof. Xiaohua Yan                                        Prof. Jing Li             

Prof. Pengfei Xu                                Prof. Long Zhang

Prof. Jianping Jin                            Prof. Pinglong Xu

 Dr. Yi Yu                                                 DrMu Xiao

 Dr. Shucheng Gu                                              Dr. Shixian Lin

The symposium fostered a vibrant academic atmosphere, facilitating in-depth discussions and exchanges on scientific matters related to the TGF-β signaling network.

On December 21, the symposium on "TGF-β Biology-Signaling, Development and Diseases" was concluded successfully. This high-level academic gathering not only provided a valuable platform for scholars in the TGF-β signaling network but also broadened research horizons, contributing to the overall development of the field.