Center for Systems Biology, CSSB


Systems biology utilizes integrative approaches to study complex interactions of molecules, cells, tissues or organisms that are beyond the scope and capacity of traditional disciplines of biology. Center for Systems Biology(CSSB) aims at elucidating the complex interactions, with three specific emphases:

1.To convert large quantities of existing data into computer-accessible databases for further information extraction.

2.To develop advanced high throughput techniques of molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology.

3.To systematically conduct data-mining and observation at high capacities to seek new clues for complex biological questions.  

CSSB is dedicated to establish state-of-art high throughput technical platforms in order to conduct systemic investigations on questions of interest and to aid the studies in the Centers of Cancer Biology, Regeneration Biology and Inflammation Biology.


Xiangwei HeJun Huang  Chao Tong Dong Fang 

Shixian LinJunling JiaLi ShenLi-Ming Wang

 Bing Yang   Qi Zhou  Saiyong Zhu