CCB - Life Sciences Institute Zhejiang University

Center for Cancer Biology, CCB

Center for Cancer Biology (CCB) has three major research directions:

1.Cancer cell biology

Our aim is to unravel key signal transduction networks in cancer.

2.Animal models for cancer research

Our aim is to understand the role of transcription factors, oncogenes, and tumor suppressors in cell proliferation, differentiation, tumorigenesis, and tumor metastasis using genetically manipulated mouse models.

3.Cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment

Our aim is to delineate genetic and epigenetic characteristics of cancer and uncovering new biomarkers for cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.


Xin-Hua Feng  Heng-Yu Fan Jun Huang  Jianping Jin

         Pinglong Xu
           Bin Zhao
       Dong Fang 
         Xing Guo

Junfang Ji  Jin JinHai SongFangwei Wang