Life Sciences Institute (LSI) is a special academic zone of Zhejiang University targeting to be a world leader in life sciences research. As an integral, vibrant research community we provide the finest education and research training to graduate students. We offer multi-displinary courses in the broad defnition of life sciences and provide precious opportunities for dissertation research in our dynamic labs. 
M.S. Program
This two-and-half-year program consists of didactic coursework in life sciences and an intensive research experience. This program is intended for individuals seeking to increase their skills and research experience for employment opportunities or for application to highly competitive Ph.D. programs.  
Ph.D. Program
The Ph.D. programs (five-year M.S.-Ph.D. program) provide a broad scientific background along with research specialization that together equip students for outstanding careers. Current areas of research include cancer biology, stem cell and regeneration, inflammation and immunology, structural biology, protein biochemistry, molecular genetics, signal transduction, and cell and developmental biology, along with cooperative research between laboratories or departments.
Life Sciences Institute (LSI) achieves excellence in education, and seeks preeminence in exploring the fundamental knowledge about human and diseases. We are dedicated to fostering innovative research discoveries and inspiring an exciting education culture for nurturing future talents.
For more information, prospective students are encouraged to contact us. Tel: +86-571-8820-6358, Email: