2013.4.25 Rik Derynck 教授(美国UCSF)学术报告

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报告题目:Initiating the TGF-beta Family Signaling Response
报告人:   Rik Derynck 教授
主持人:   冯新华 教授
时   间:   2013年4月25日(星期四)下午4点
地   点:   医学院综合楼205报告厅

Professor Derynck
Co-Director, Institute of Regeneration Medicine, UCSF
Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Cell and Tissue Biology, UCSF

Professor Derynck is one of the pioneers in the TGF-β field. He was the first one cloning TGF-β1; He discovered Smad3/4 as TGF-β signaling effectors and TGF-β induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transtion (EMT); He characterized key aspects of the mechanisms of Smad activation, Smad-mediated transcription regulation and TGF-β-induced EPK-MAPK and P13K-AKT-TOR signaling.